We rarely get to tell our own stories. Whether we are queer, bipoc, disabled, or all of the above, our stories are most often told for us by people unqualified to. For much of history, we were kept silent on our own experiences. But now we have a voice and the ability to uplift the voices of others. We must take advantage of this as much as possible. Limeoncello Magazine was created for this purpose. Our stories are valuable. Our voices will be heard.

Wheat Field


Jaecyn Boné

Co-Editor in Chief

Jaecyn (they/them) is a queer, disabled, Asian-American author and artist who fantasizes about faeries, pirates, and eating the rich. Twitter: @TheFaerth

Archer Long

Managing Editor

Archer (they/them) is an Asian American queer writer, published author, and college student pursuing an education in book publishing.

Mo McGee


Mo (they/xe/fae) is a queer international and transracial disabled adoptee from India who writes about eldritch deities, space epics, and the long term effects of imperialism and rebellion. Twitter: @ConspiraMo

Misha Boone


Misha (she/they/he) is a fat, queer, neurodiverse, human-shaped being who loves cats and food, who is shamelessly body- and sex-positive, and who puts entirely too much political sociology into their writing. Twitter: @MishaMashesKeys

Joyce Creed


Joy (they/she) is a queer, Black novelist and poet who writes about science fantasy, death and uprisings. Twitter: @Decaf_Tea

Elyssa D Perkins


Elyssa is an LGBTQ author diagnosed with bipolar disorder type II. A hospice and community nurse, she often writes to explore what haunts her daily—death, longing and belonging, love of all kinds, and the uniquely human dichotomy of universal emotion and unpredictable action—often in the form of a narrator who is unreliable or inhuman themselves. Tumblr: LyssTheWriter


Romana Hassan

Co-Editor in Chief

Romana (she/her) is a novelist and poet whose work centers around realism with just a touch of magic. She is also an embroidery artist and a lover of all things creative.

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