Spring 2021_Katsushika Hokusai Bullfinch

Spring 2021

March 21, 2021

In My Sister's Body_Mary Cassatt TheCroc

In My Sister's Body

by Katie Kent

CW: Self-harm

Cover image: Mary Cassatt - The Crochet Lesson*

Nurse for a Night

by Eleanor Strata

CW: Medical terms surrounding cancer, touches on racism

Cover image: Juan Luna -

La Bulaquena*

Nurse for a Night_Juan Luna La Bulaquena
Ruby Shoes_John William Waterhouse The L

Ruby Shoes

by Flo McClory

CW: Sexual violence, eating disordered behaviour, teenage pregnancy, birth, body shaming

Cover image: John William Waterhouse - The Lady of Shalott*

Selective, Like a Choice

by Hilary Rose Berwick

CW: Ghosts

Cover image: Gustav Klimt - The Embrace*

Selective, Like a Choice_Gustav Klimt Th
Sparkling Child_Jacob Philip Hackert Fir

Sparking Child

by L.T. Ward

Cover image: Jacob Philipp Hackert - Fireworks over Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome*

The Sea from

the Other Side

by Amber Lane-Bortell

CW: Depictions of homophobia

Cover image: Ivan Aivazovsky - View to the Sea Coast Near

St. Petersburg*

The Sea from the Other Side_Ivan Aivazov