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Spring 2021 Issue

Featured Stories

Sparkling Child_Jacob Philip Hackert Fir

Sparking Child

by L.T. Ward

Cover image: Jacob Philipp Hackert - Fireworks over Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome*

The Sea from

the Other Side

by Amber Lane-Bortell

CW: Depictions of homophobia

Cover image: Ivan Aivazovsky - View to the Sea Coast Near

St. Petersburg*

The Sea from the Other Side_Ivan Aivazov
Spring 2021_Katsushika Hokusai Bullfinch


March 21, 2021

Cover image: Katsushika Hokusai - Bullfinch and Weeping Cherry*


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First Date by Jayme Bean

There should have been no other way out. And yet, by some broad stroke of luck, the window latch gave way, sending me toppling out of the tiny restroom and into the back end of Pepperoncini's parking lot. I glanced up, the weather-worn brick exterior matching my rapidly fading mood. I'd never ducked out on a date before. Sure, friends had called and made the odd excuse...but literally ditching? No way. My mind reeled as I sat on the pavement. Was it because it was my first time in a while? Or was it because it was my first time with a girl? I slowly stood, brushing the dirt off my jeans. My phone buzzed; a new message. "Everything okay?" My stomach sank at the immediate guilt...I'd already come this far. "Be right out," I thumbed, before hoisting myself back through the window and diving into the deep end.

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